— Welcome to a Pivotal Learning Retreat For Truth-Seeking Photographers —


— The Witness —

The witness attests to what they have seen and gives a faithful representation. They are crucial but are also aware the moment is not about them.




— Let’s Be Real —


So what about a Learning Retreat? At the heart, we all want to believe what we’re doing matters. We want our work to last for longer than a 10 minute run on Instagram (or 10 days, thanks, algorithm). We want to make a unique contribution. 

The wedding photo industry created a cookie-cutter role and demanded you fill it with your creative goo. But when all the work starts to look exactly the same, it’s difficult to break the mold, or even know how to begin telling stories in a different, more honest way.  

After more than 60 combined years of experience in the photography industry, we want to help you connect the dots between head and heart, between the desire to make images that matter and actually doing it. This multi-day intensive will be a chance to deconstruct all that’s been piled on you by the wedding photo industry, and help you build something new in its place, something with deeper roots, conviction, and heart.


All You Witness - Welcome Home Video




If you feel like something’s missing in your work, but you aren’t sure what…

If you’ve felt tension between making honest images and making images for likes…

If you’ve forgotten or don’t know what the point of wedding photography really is…

If you’ve been doing this for a while and are on the edge of burnout…

If you’ve ever felt like your couples or your photographs are a let down…

If you need a community of like-minded people to have your back…

If you have tried all the posing guides and presets but your work still feels unoriginal…

If you are new to wedding photography and don’t know what your role is…

If you scroll all week long then copy the shit you saw on Instagram and feel empty inside…

If you want to love your own work as much as you adore other’s photographs…

If you feel “all the feels” and just need someone to feel “all the feels” with you…

If you are just down right exhausted and disheartened by trying to play this game…




— The Details —

What — When — how much — where — who


— WHAT —

All You Witness is a pivotal, life-disrupting Learning intensive meets retreat. Over the course of a few days and nights, we will give you the tools to shift your work from taking photos that last for five minutes on Instagram to making images that last, telling the true stories of the humans in front of your camera. 

All You Witness functions like a family. We share every session together, eat together, learn together, laugh together, and do the dishes together. We dig into the hard stuff and the weird stuff of our lives and our craft. We come away not just better at our jobs, but better at being humans together. It’s hard to put to words but we promise it’s not like anything you’ve done before.


— WE’ll learn together —

Defining the Role of a Witness

Photojournalism 101

What the F do we do about Portraits?

Get the Ego Out of Your Work

Start-to-finish Wedding Stories

How Personal Projects Can Inform Your Work

True Connections = Tell True Stories

Make Social Media Your Bitch (not vice versa)

Making Photography Empathetic Again

Also Posing




— doing —

Group Sessions

Small Group Discussions

Personal Reflective Prompts 

Daily Tasks and Challenges

Panel Discussions

Creative Playtime

Brain Work Exercises

Q&A Panel

Anonymous Photo Critique 

Family Meals

Fireside Chats

Connecting with Nature



November 11 - 14, 2019

Our Side-by-side 100 year-old Homes, Historic Liberty, Missouri

All-Inclusive Learning Retreat

$2400 per person (space extremely limited)

All You Witness Learning Retreats are all-inclusive. Get yourself to the front door of our homes (20 minutes via Uber/Taxi or rent and share a car) and we will provide food, drinks, education, inspiration, lodging at a local hotel, and all the cry-laughs your heart could ever desire.

More Important Info Below in Questions


Let’s start a conversation THAT MATTERS

— Join Us —

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The greatest memories are made one simple, heartfelt moment at a time. Our deepest passion is documenting these moments for our own family as well as the hundreds of clients who have honored us by inviting us into their lives. We’ve been photographing weddings together for 17 years and have had quite the journey getting us to the place we are now. Leaving the hustle of West coast life and moving to a small town in Missouri next door to our best friends has been the greatest joy. Being parents to our two inspiring children continuously enforces the reality of why what we do for “work” matters. We share our home with a giant chewbacca looking dog, a world class asshole of a cat who wears a bow-tie, and a beta fish we often forget about.




To me, life is better with people in your corner. As a teacher, I care about your success but, more importantly, I am also here to be a person who cares about the real, true you and helps you find that truth and live by it; that deep feeling inside your gut, the place that you live with, that you grow from. My goal is always to make that a better place to come home to, and to hand-in-hand pioneer ways for you to live not just within this career, but to stay true to your own story and to embrace every beautiful piece of who you are. I am here because I want to care for the real you, laugh with you, experience life and conversation with you, from peaches to pits, and be changed for good - all of us - because of it.




We are whimsical enough to believe the arts can cultivate love and change the world, but experienced enough to know that art for the sake of art can be stillborn, void, and empty. So we seek to cultivate a life and create work that speaks truth, makes meaning out of all the chaos. We live open-armed lives, in love with each other and our 3 boys, in an old house that is a revolving door of people welcomed in love, and neighbors who are our best friends. More deeply, we are people who have experienced deep pain, loss, death, and have found that life, love, and beauty are found there, not in spite of it, but right in the middle.