— Hello Again Dear Friend —


It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye and we are all pinching ourselves. It was real! It happened! It was even more life changing than we ever dreamed it could be.. And that’s just our personal experiences. You showed up, we shared all we could, and magic happened.

That being said, it’s hard to put to words just what happened up there. Mystery is great when you’re in on the secret, but it’s so so hard to relay to outsiders, right? This is where we need your help as expert witnesses, to testify amplify this message. We would love your reviews, for you to join us as we attempt to put the All You Witness learning retreat into words.

You know how we love meditative imagination exercises?.. (feel free to draw your spiral) Imagine yourself last November, sitting at your computer or in front of your phone or wherever you were when you first heard about All You Witness. Imagine that version of you, the you wondering if you should apply. What would you tell that you? What words would you impart to try to guide that soul into the experience you know, deep down, you are meant to be a part of?

We love you, and you know we mean it when we say those words. Y’all are special to us in a way we never imagined a group of 36 previous strangers could be. Thanks for taking a gamble on us, for showing up with wide open hearts, and for becoming a part of our wolf pack.